Pine Plains boasts significant natural landmarks

Pine Plains boasts significant natural landmarks including Thompson Pond and Stissing Mountain. Thompson Pond, at the very foot of Stissing Mountain, is under the care of Nature Conservancy, a national organization dedicated to the preservation of outstanding examples of unspoiled America. The area was added to the National Registry of Natural Landmarks in 1973. It has been enlarged to include part of Stissing Mountain and now includes 491 protected acres with trails to explore. Hikeable Stissing Mountain is topped by a fire tower providing views of four states.

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Stissing Mountain and Thompson Pond

Audubon Buttercup Sanctuary

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The town of Pine Plains, organized in 1823

was originally a part of the North East Precinct from the 1706 Little Nine Partners Patent. There is evidence of white settlers (most of the probably Palatines) in the area as early as 1740 when Moravian missionaries came to the Indian village called Shekomeko, near to the present hamlet of Bethel. This is believed to be the site of the first successful Moravian mission to the Indians in this country.

During the 19th century, railroads contributed greatly to the well-being of Pine Plains. At the peak, eighteen daily trains ran in and out of four separate stations. The rails were finally abandoned in the 1930’s, marking the end of an era.

A thriving community in existence well before the town was organized...

In 1796, a tannery was built near the Shekomeko Creek and at about the same time buildings of the Harris Scythe Works were erected nearby, giving the area its name of Hammertown. Records show that by 1798 there was a hotel, a blacksmith shop, at least two stores, and over a dozen dwellings, among these the log block house built by Lewis Graham (ca 1770) and the stone house of his brother Morris Graham (1773), both of which are still standing. In 1814 Stephen Eno built his law office – the small building known to this day as the Eno Law Office.

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